31 January 2007


to your white shiny color.
to your full bench front seat.
to the 212k miles on your odometer.
to the "university wyoming" sticker in your rear window.
to your huge gas tank and bad gas mileage.
to your 5th wheel mysteriously being stolen or lost.
to initiating our family into the world of trucks.
to all the trips from arizona to utah and back home.
to amazing adventures we've had in yellowstone.
to the memories of singing, laughing, and watching movies in your back seat.
to the dates you've accompanied us on.
to the talent it takes to park you.
to the cars you've jump-started.
to the mountains you've climbed.
to the deserts you've conquered.
to the snow storms you've safely found your way through.
to your 2 wheel rear wheel drive.
to the loads of set pieces and props you've transported.
to the early, early drives to gandolfos.
to the puddles you've been through.
to the parties you've driven us to.
to the cars you smash (instead of a house) as you roll off down an icy hill when you think you're in park but you're really in neutral.
to the bicycler who found his way to the hospital after an encounter with your side door.
to the angry gym girl who decided you "deserved it a-hole" by breaking your antenna.
to the stop sign you hit.
to the idiot driver who wanted to kiss your rear right side on the interstate.
to your clicking fan every time you start and stop.
to the npr we've listened to driving back and forth from american fork to byu.
to the joy and comfort you bring in knowing that if a wreck were to happen we would be victorious.
to your dependability.

surburban, we love you.

tribute. (jon or michelle am i missing any?)


Jon Stone said...
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Jon Stone said...

love this. (sorry-- there was a dangling participle in my first comment I had to fix.) I never really drove the thing though, as it was purchased so soon before I left on the mish. I need a tribute to "sweet madam Buick" I guess:
For your ability to carry me, Tina and John H. in your front seat so John could hear the conversation over the air conditioner.
For the first kiss I planted on my future wife's chin after prom.
For the that dog. concert at the DPC you took me and my crew to.
(something like that)

Brandon or Michelle. said...

kiss on the chin? now that's romantic. :)

I ofcourse giggled about the "car you hit (instead of the house)..." that was all me baby.

Hey I got one more though...

to your not so secure automatic window that allowed dave turner's jeans that he was "letting dry" on the way to martin's cove escape and fly free along wyoming's I-80.
"Oh they'll be fine, I do this in my car all the time....(phoop!) whoops.."

(jon and tina...you met dave turner in san francisco..you know him as the idiot who went running into the ocean...that's our dave.)

oh, and by the way, he DID have other pants on, lest anyone be afraid...

very entertaining neeky. loved it.