17 January 2007

promotion? not just more to do

Today I met with my boss and we discussed him leaving for Russian in June. One thing he said to me helped calm my nerves about whether or or not I'd have a job come summertime. "I have 4 months to make sure my student employees are self efficient enough to not have anyone really looking over them." Definitely a happy story. Plus the department just bought those speakers, and I'm getting an upgrade machine as soon as Nuendo 4 is released hopefully at the NAMM show at the end of this month.

Charles wants me to become basically the "jr." Unit Production Manager for publications and graphics. It basically comes down to being a glorified coordinator in our video projects. We'll see how it goes. Right now I'm in charge of getting the Psychology and Marriot School of Business recruiting videos done, packaged, and delivered in two months. Shouldn't be that hard. We're just finishing up with the Psych video and we have all the video footage for the businees school.

Add work onto my already intense school schedule and my application for my degree program and you have one busy semester! (I've already made time for when I will be going to the gym...it will definitely be my stress relief time)


michelleross said...

I'm always impressed with how capable you are. it seems that the work keeps getting harder, and you remain chill...you really are good at hiding your TRUE inner stress. :) good thinking on the running part. it can be an out, instead of a "ugh." you're the bomb. :)