18 January 2007

i'm not blogging today

Thursdays are my un-favorite days of the week. Class starts at 10am followed by the weekly Media Arts forum with a guest speaker from around the country from 11-12 with a break at noon for a quick lunch and trip to the gym before my 3pm Book of Mormon Class. From there I go to my Pro Tools class from 5-7pm followed by Theatre/Live Sound from 7-9. It's not that it's an extremely difficult day, it just seems incredibly long.

On a very exciting note, I will most likely not be posting in the next few days because I will be up in Park City and Salt Lake soaking in the atmosphere of the Sundance Film Festival. This will be my first year attending Sundance and I'm stoked. I hope to make it a tradition while living here in Utah, as I have stated in previous posts.

Sundance here I come!