03 January 2007


well it's a new year. at the end of a break from school i always laugh because we call it "break." well yes it is a break, but in no sense does life let up at all. the extra hours usually spent in class or working on homework is spent at work working on projects. this week i've been spending a lot of time in the sound booth at the joseph f smith building on campus recording people speak their essays. all i can say is experience...i'm gaining experience because it's freakin boring! haha. granted it doesn't take much for me to get bored, but still.

i went to a play reading this past monday. something i've never really done before. a little odd, but atleast the play was interesting! actually i think the best part was melanie's molten chocolate cake she made. mmmm...homemade molten chocolate cake.


michelleross said...

hey you! I'm blogified. come check me out and giggle...love meeshy
mbzross.blogspot.com (apparently i have the michelleross one too, but I didn't realize I did. silly michelle. so who knows which one I'll use?)