25 January 2007

petition what?

so the moral of the following story is make sure your schedule is set and all the kinks are worked out before the last add/drop deadline day for the semester. if you don't, and you have to change something, you will have to go through large amounts of frustration. i wanted to change my class section. not the class, the section. kori-anne's voice section wasn't 022, but 001. but since i didn't figure this out until the day after the deadline, i had to petition it. they were going to make me drop the class and take a "w" and then re register. LAME. luckily my petition was strong enough for them to just allow me to change sections without the W. how lame! especially when i asked the lady how my chances were for successfully petitioning and she said "highly unlikely."

stinking naughty people. but thankfully i was victorious.