16 January 2007

I attend BYU. It's what I do these days. For what it's worth, I don't mind going here. I do however, struggle everyday with the pressure I feel about being/getting married. I'm sitting in the student center right now eves dropping on a conversation about a guy just barely getting engaged. Congratulations...you're like the 10th person I've heard say they just got engaged in the past week.

I swear that students here are getting younger and younger. I'm now 21. My sister got married when she was 21, but she was always very very mature for her age. I feel like I could potentially be engaged/married in the next few years (more like my older brother) but don't see it happening, nor am I ernestly seeking for it. I'm not in the get married mind set, nor do I want to be, and I think it is a little frustrating when I tell people this around campus and they all gasp and think I need to get my priorities straightened out.

Well it ain't gonna happen for a while. 'nuff said. My brother-in-law was in his later twenties when he married my sister and he was a college graduate (or very close) when he married my sister. This seems much more logical to me. For now, I'm out to party and play and go to school like a normal 21 year old guy. I'm still far way from settling down and having the responsibility of providing for a wife and kids. Props to you who get/have gotten married at a young age and are very happy. I commend you. As for me, stop buggin me about it! That is all. (I guess i shouldn't even be that bugged, because usually the people who do make stupid comments are those i barely know from my classes.)

Moral of the story...some of us attend BYU for other reasons than to find a spouse.

the end.


Katie said...

AMEN! GO NICKY! That was wonderful- I remember Brooke when she was going to BYU and she felt the same way- wasn't looking, and wasn't concerned with finding a spouse like 99.99% of the peeps there. So you keep on havin' fun and livin' ur life!