05 June 2009

a broken record

i think i am going to be a broken record about this job situation for a while.

but on a good note...i am interviewing for the assistant branch manager position at my branch in lindon. a promotion i would LOVE to get! cross your fingers and live the secret.

09 April 2009

to all who follow my old blog, i have moved :)


please make the note in your readers or what not :) i think as of tomorrow. i will begin blogging again.

26 October 2008


I checked my application status on Saturday. I have officially been accepted to transfer to the University of Utah.


Many will probably think I am making the wrong decision--that I am adding time to my graduation. Yes I am. But after some very long conversations with Whitney, I know I am making the correct choice. Something that she said that stuck out to me was "you need to stop saying 'i only have xxxx left and then i can finally be done! or finally get on to something worth my time!' ... you need to start living more in the now. live life in the now instead of always thinking about what you are going to be doing in six months or a year."

and she is so right. college should be a fun time in life. and especially since I'm paying for it, I shouldn't hate going to the school that I attend. which is why I am transferring. I will be much happier at the U. I met a lot of good people and experienced a lot of good things while attending BYU, now it's time to have a new experience at the U and possibly enjoy my last year of college instead of loathing it :)


16 October 2008

Sweeney Todd!

more hot PIES!

28 September 2008

18 September 2008

birthday wishes

Every year, people ask me what I want for my birthday. I don't really "need" anything. But I get paid by meridian on the 24th so I thought I would cash my check and probably treat myself to a few of these things: (not everything of course)


Every job I have had to this point at BYU has been in the basement of a building. Not anymore! I am on the fourth floor of the Tanner Building (Marriott School of Business) and I have a great window view of the south valley.

I think i deserve it.

16 September 2008

i think private school really means:

ability for parents or even other teachers to take students out of your class at anytime multiple days in a row.

that's what i think private school means.

11 September 2008

sweeney auditions

When: Friday, Sept. 19 5-8 PM

Where: BYU HFAC E-251

What: Bring 32 bars highlighting your abilities. An accompanist will be provided.

Callbacks will be held Saturday, Sept. 20 1-3 PM HFAC D-341

Cast members from previous castle Sweeney productions need only come to callbacks
The show will be Directed by Mindy Nelsen and Music Directed by Korianne Johnson.
The roles of Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett will be played by Neal Johnson and Barta Heiner

For more information, Please contact Nick Stone by email or phone:
nickcstone@gmail.com 801-367-6538


09 September 2008

i don't know what the actual job title for this is, but i would be content to be this guy:

"oh crap, everything is going wrong. there is no way everything will get done ...... " or something like that.

to where my name is thrown around as the guy to call.

"you should call nick stone. he can work miracles."

love it.