04 December 2007

a like to have options

so i'm really amazed.

a few months ago i met with the wife of the man I would now call my supervisor at work (mainly meaning if I need anything i go to him, other than that he really doesn't know how or what I do with speeches. but speeches deserves its own post soon.) she's a really nice lady. she works for university communications. i put working for her just because it was a really busy time (not like now is any easier...) but she contacted me last week again and asked if i was still interested in working for her. well i gave her the big shpeal on the whole roundabout theatre hold up, and then asked her about just working/training during the christmas break until I know for sure about the internship. she was so nice about it and said that she thought that was a great idea, and really had no problem with me leaving for the winter term, and she still wants to hire me.

it's one of those nice and warm fuzzy kind of feelings to know that my previous work has impressed her enough to work around my conflicts. "I am interested in having someone become an expert on our system who will work as an editor and also help us with the technical side of the system. I know you have a lot of talents and would be a good fit on both the technical and creative side.."

so yes, it seems as though i will never fully leave "technical support," but its the kind of technical support I don't mind doing because it's CREATIVE technical support if that makes sense. plus i get free training on avid. sweet. sweet.


i like having options. i think no matter what, speeches will soon be out of my life. sad, but necessary. and! i'm trying to stay positive about the new york thing. if i don't get the internship, I have a few options for working up at sundance in january. so there ya go.


too_intensified said...

I looooooove Sundance. I am very very sad to miss it this year. Even though I know that a lot of it is just celebrities partying and networking and politics, there's still this feeling in the air-- that everyone is there because they love film. And I love that. I don't think it's very often that out here, in the real world, you meet someone who loves film enough to be critical, but there's plenty of that going on at Sundance. It's like when I go, I feel that I'm going to partake in something with 'my people'. That may be a weird way to explain it, but there ya go. I also love Park City.

Brandon or Michelle. said...

hey...let's face it, you're always going to be someone who is very employable. you're just an able person who's also fun to be around. oh the horror.

sorry it's taken so long to hear from ny. I'm sure you're not even letting on about how frustrating it's been. I'm glad you have other options that seem great...ny, now or later, will be in your future.

oh yeah, and brandon wanted me to remind you that he was 6 weeks shy of 25 when we got married. he had years on you.