09 October 2007

i've never met a carrot i didn't like. except for this one!

plans for after graduation: work in an equity theatre for a year (mas o menos...that's spanish in honor of eric.) gain enough points to join AEA as a stage manager, then see where life takes me.

"then why am i in the film program?!"

i've been asking myself this question for the past few weeks. the only answer i can give myself is that a media arts degree will only compliment the experience i have in the theatre. graduate in film, work in theatre.

ironic isn't it?


Melanie said...

Yes, but 2 years is a long time to change your mind too. . . and we all know how often you do that :)

Get through school first, or at least within a semester of graduation, and then maybe you'll have a better idea what you want to do. . . that's what I say.

Brandon or Michelle. said...

I had some classmates in engineering who went on to careers in financial services and finance. They are probably making more money than me.

Your degree is entrance to "the club." Keep at it.