13 December 2006

random thoughts of future events

once again it's really late or really early, whatever is easier. this semester has been quite an adventure. finals are just around the corner. in fact, i have one on thursday followed by three more anytime after saturday. i'm not so much nervous about them as i am about what mysteries next semester holds. ironically, i think my hardest final will be book of mormon. makes me chuckle.

this semester has spoiled me, however. most of my classes have been evening classes as that is the only time most of the sound classes are offered. (the teachers work full-time during the day and then come once a week to teach our sorry faces.) rules at BYU permit you to only work 20 hrs a week. at the beginning of the semester i thought it was more of a guideline and i would work 25-30 hrs a week...until my boss, charles, got on my case and told me i needed to not go over 20 hrs each week. so only being able to work 20 hrs a week plus having mainly night classes has given me the opportunity to basically sleep in every morning and sometimes take a three day weekend since I don't have friday classes.

next semester will be quite different. i've worked my classes out such that i only have school tuesdays and thursdays. the catch? school starts at 9am and basically continues all the way until 9pm. getting up for a 9am class means getting up by atleast 8am to shower and head down to provo in time for class. snowy day? better make it a rule to be out of the house by 8am. those are the mornings you have to go extra slow on the interstate not only because the roads aren't in great condition, but that you have crazy utah drivers who think they're 4x4 automobiles allow them to still travel 65 miles an hour.

i was helping julianna tonight with a project for school which required pulling clips off of dvd's. you'd think the process would be easy. well i guess you could say it's easy....it's easy but not simple. so anyways as i waiting for my g4 to process the different movies i opened up a box labeled "nick" which was over by our family photo albums. i opened it up and began to look at some very amazing pictures of myself. my new project (since i successfully finished jules') is now to scan the 20 or so that i picked and post them. i think i spent close to 3 hrs looking at pictures tonight. i think i enjoy the activity because we have thousands of pictures and my small little A.D.D. mind can keep changing pictures every few seconds or so and stay entertained for hours.