12 December 2006

a 2007 resolution...a few weeks early

Every so often, a random memory or experience will pop into my head. It can be triggered my many different possibilities including a picture, a person, a place, a scent...there are lots. As I'm getting a little bit older, I'm learning why teachers and parents stress the importance of keeping a journal. I would LOVE to go back and see what was going on in my life around this time say five years ago. I would have been 16 years old and it would have been my first Christmas in Utah. I remember it not being so much fun, but I do remember it being close to the time where I finally made friends.

Plus it was 5 years ago. Has my vocabulary grown? Has my writing style matured? Have I personally matured? (gee, i hope so.) Well I'm no good at writing in a real journal, and true this journal is a very public. But I need something. I want to be able to reflect back on something. So once again, the blog journal has begun. This wouldn't be the first time, and it sure won't be the last.

Goals of my postings:

  • First and foremost to write about events and stories going on presently in my life
  • Post fun pictures of things I do
  • Post links to funny videos on the web namely YouTube
  • Critique movies I see, or atleast post which movies I saw. (Currently I watch atleast 1-2 movies a week whether they are new releases or the next movie in my NetFlix queue)
  • Anything else I see fit
And thus begins a new adventure...to all who stumble upon it I wish you good tidings.