12 December 2006

It was a normal Saturday Evening. I traveled up to Salt Lake to hang with Stacey and her peeps. Traveled sounds like a long trip. That's probably not the best word to use...whatever. The evening started out with a trip to Cafe Rio. I haven't been there in months. I had a bad experience during the summer and I haven't eaten there since. It's been Costa Vida 100%. I got what I usually get, and my love of the Rio is slowly returning.

Thinking maybe the girls were joking about seeing The Holiday I decided to head to the theater with them. This movie has chick flick written all over it, and seeing it proved me correct. If it hadn't been for Haley sitting next to me making witty comments through out the entire movie I wouldn't have survived. Not to mention it was about an hour too long. Aside from the semi-bad acting by Cameron Diaz, and the weird directing choices from Nancy Meyers (Director of Father of the Bride I & II), I did find moments where even I could relate to what was going on. Many people hate Jack Black. Many think he's crude and talentless. Yes he's weird, but his chracter brought out his isms in such a great way that I left the theater loving Jack Black more than ever. (A different side of Jack then we see in Nacho Libre and School of Rock...both great movies in my opinion.) Was it a cheesy movie? Yes. Was it worth 8 bucks? Eh--probably not. But if it was playing on TV some Sunday afternoon I would probably find myself fixed to the channel.

3/5 stars