19 December 2006

mo' money mo' problems

so one of many flaws in my personality is i HATE being told i'm wrong. when i'm wrong, i'll admit to it. i like thinking that i know a ton. granted, i have much to learn plus a little humility to go along with it.

tonight i got into a stupid argument while waiting for my turn on the bball court. i was arguing with a kid about saving money. "why should he save money? he has no car payment, no rent, and nothing to worry about." basically the idea of eat, drink, and be merry. very frustrating. even i try to save a little money each month. i finally told the kid that i was done arguing about such an idiotic idea (where i KNOW i'm right. why try to prove a point when their answer is going to be that of thinking i'm retarded for saving money.)

aside from the stupid arguments with people i really don't even care about, this week begins the 4 days of finals. like i've said before, the one i'm really nervous about is my book of mormon final. who'd a thought. bishop richards told me a story tonight about how the final for his book of mormon 121 (first half..goes to alma 30) class. they were to summarize each chapter from memory. i can't complain...mine will be easier than that.

another thought about school... if in a year i don't make it into the program i want to at BYU, there's always This program at UVSC. one of the TA's from my recording class here said that the program there is really decent. (i probably won't end up there, but it's nice to have plan C)