18 January 2008

22 and up.

today i did an adult thing:

i've decided that direct deposit is a great thing. i never really look at how much gets put in... (i just have learned what the average is for my normal paycheck.) well i decided to use this to my advantage. i consolidated all my accounts today by closing my zion's account and uccu accounts and opening a chase account. (i did this for a few reasons. mainly because i don't really care for uccu.) anyway. after doing that i decided to open up two other accounts at chase as well. a new savings account (which happens usually by default anyway) and another investment account. my savings account will have money deducted from my paycheck every month, as well as this new investment account. it's not a ton of money each month, but for what i make as a student I think it's a start. and the beauty of it all? it may seem like i'm getting less money every month, but i'll adapt. and since it's automatic it will actually happen because me saying i'll do it and having a computer do it are two very different things :)

why the sudden change of responsibility? well one, i live at home and should be saving money. it's a plus for living at home! also, hopefully if all goes according to plan, by this time next year I'll be starting to look at post-graduation opportunities and jobs, and having a little money saved will probably come in handy.



Ace said...

Good on ya, Nick. Although I am SLIGHTLY disappointed you didn't come and see me for all your financial needs. We're way cooler than uccu.

Emily Asher said...

Good plan, Nick!! As someone who just moved to NYC having money saved is a HUGE deal!! It is even smart if you are not planning to move to the big frozen apple!

Latter-Day Sustainablist said...

Holy Crap Nick, good job. But I shouldn't be surprised.

(This is Brandon, writing from my "tree-hugger Mormon" account.)