05 February 2007

today i am writing a script, if you can call it that, for my application video. i like to listen to music that i would or could use in the movie. today i am listening to sufjan stevens. it's quite brilliant work. it sounds to me a lot like music you would hear on the little miss sunshine album. (also a good soundtrack...that what i will be listening to tomorrow.)

any favorites out there of sufjans?


Brandon or Michelle. said...
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Brandon or Michelle. said...

sorry about the delete, neeky. I thought you were talking about jose gonzales, who is very chill, and was my companion on the ride home today..so I had lots of opinions..I'll have to do a bit more listening to this dude first. :)

Jon Stone said...

Too many to mention. Illinois is the best album (almost) ever. Michigan is sweet too (I'm not hardcore Indie enough to praise Seven Swans and A Sun Came that highly...seems like he was just getting his chops back then.)