15 February 2007

pan's part II

i forgot about my follow up blog to pan's labyrinth where I was going to discuss the terribly tragedy that happened in salt lake.

i know as human beings we all have different thought processes and we all are affected differently by what the world swings are way. i saw this movie. it took place during a war which means there was a lot of guns being shot and a lot of violence and a lot of blood. there's even a scene where a lady puts a knife in a man's mouth and slices open his cheek. a very cool special effect. but that's all it was to me. and that's what violent scenes in movies are to me: one big special effect.

i've never thought that someone else watching the movie might want to act out what is seen. as I was talking to mel about this, i agreed with her that it's getting acceptable for younger and younger kids to see really violent movies or play really violent games but that 100% of the problem isn't from viewing these things. i wish we could know more about the 18 year old kid who shot up the mall. the news channels have been finding more and more out. he lived with his mom, was never really social with anyone, and never came out of his house a lot. HELLO! where is the social life? i admit that i see a lot of movies. and when i bought zelda i played it pretty solid until i beat it. but i still allow myself to be with friends and just get out.

i don't really know where this post is going, but it does make me grateful to be in my family. we're loony, but we are social and we go out and play and enjoy life! we play video games, and sometimes it's a fun gathering for me and my brother's to do to spend time with each other. i guess it just goes back to the idea of having a healthy balance in our lives. this semester is a swear word to me, but i go to the gym to let off nervous built up energy and i go to the movies to enjoy a story to give my own story a two hour break.